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Toronto Renaissance Man R.Kelly Clipperton founded Kelly & The Kellygirls in 2003.  In the 10 years since, the band has released 4 studio albums, 1 live DVD/album, 2 Mini-Albums, toured Canada 4 times, the UK/France twice and California.  The band, currently a 7 piece, known for its unique cultural fusion of ska, swing, mariachi, reggae and flamenco always bring a bold, dramatic stage of theatrics when performing live.  Their rawkus style has generated the hits Napoleon, Catherine Deneuve and the Deus ex Machina, C'mon Boys, Better Times , the reggae infused version of Ms. Spears' Toxic and the 2012 favourite Nightsweats. The Kellygirls have released in quick seccession: the concept album "The Deep Ending" featuring the raunchy duet with Carole Pope, called Vodka & Cynicism, as well as the remix EP "All the Kids Are Hot for..." with the new video I Break Into A Light Sweat When You're Around. Kelly has, through his varied career, also penned and produced 6 plays, been nominated for a Dora Mavor Award, styled heads from L.A. to Toronto to Berlin and in the past 10 years received global praise for his highly original eye as a photographer.

May 26/16: New video, New Music and Memory Bank releases

New video for The Stars In The Brights Of Your Eyes Have Gone Out

Play us Something From your Back Catalogue now available on:

MEMORY BANK is now online

May 4/16: The Stars In The Brights Of Your Eyes Have Gone Out

The Stars In The Brights Of Your Eyes Have Gone Out

New song: The Stars In The Brights Of Your Eyes Have Gone Out

April 21/16: Event: Launch Party/Reception


Event: Launch Party/Reception

"Play Us Something from Your Back Catalogue" best of album release
"Memory Bank" retrospective photo exhibit

Toronto Renaissance Man R.Kelly Clipperton retires Kelly And The Kellygirls, and steps away from music with the best of album "Play Us Something from Your Back Catalogue" and closes a chapter with the photo retrospective "Memory Bank", all on one night under one roof:

THURSDAY MAY 19/2016. 6-9PM

25 large scale pieces will be on display, spanning Clipperton's 25 years of shooting. The 20-song collection album, featuring 2 new songs, will be available in LP and CD formats. Large scale projections of The Kellygirls videos will be shown, a listening room, some speeches at 7pm and refreshments throughout the evening on hand.

Press inquiries:

June 21 /14: "All the Kids are Hot for... " releases

Happy Pride/Jazz Fest/World Cup/Canada Day.... so much going on in this amazing city. I love the summer, and this one is set to full tilt boogie!

~ TICKETS TO THE JAZZ FEST: our debut at the TD Downtown Jazz Fest is going to be sublime. The band is HOT! We look forward to you all joining us Saturday.
~ THE EP can be loved right now on iTUNES
~ WATCH THE VIDEO: the riotous new video, "I BREAK INTO A LIGHT SWEAT WHEN YOU'RE AROUND (More Mic'd Mix)" inspired by late 80s and early 90s commercials

I'm excited to announce that I will be joining my dear friends Alex and Cat in the cast of NEON NIGHTS which will be remounting at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, Aug 13-19. This play is one of my favourites that Operation Snatch (formerly The Scandelles) has produced. Alex's best writing and Cat's most emotional and athletic performance.

Lastly I will FINALLY be mounting a new show of my photography in November.
15 brand new large scale pieces and the brilliant new gallery space ArtYard. My dear friend Troy Brooks and I will be presenting this show together, as he will be unveiling a new series of his oil works.

Oh, and I'm nominated for a Dora Award for my costume design work on Theatre Rusticle's "Dinner at Seven-Thirty"... exciting days.


March 20/14: "Blackmail, Insults, Tenderness & Tears "

Here at the transitional time into Spring, we give you the new video from Kelly and the Kellygirls off our album "The Deep Ending". This song "Blackmail, Insults, Tenderness & Tears" became a fast fave amongst the band and what our appreciators are calling an instant Kellygirls classic. For all the Kellygirls around the world, anyone who has lost someone too soon, and those who see this time of year as a renewal: Happiness Is Easy. xxx


December 5/13: "Vodka & Cynicism" is here kids!!!!

November 5 /13

"The Deep Ending" charting on CBC, CHRY, CFBU & CJSR !!! ... and it's official, we're shooting a video for the second single off the album next week: "Vodka & Cynicism" with non other than Carole Pope. gonna be a riot!....

October 26 /13

amazing pieces of press from Orange Country Reverb , IN Toronto ,Toronto Star and Xtra! thanks to Connie Adams, Mary Dickie, Ben Rayner and Drew Rowsome respectively.

October 2 /13

The Deep Ending out today!!!

September 12 /13

more songs from the forthcoming album "The Deep Ending" can be heard here on SoundCloud

August 30 /13

Sea Dogs free download

August 21/13: "Sea Dogs" has arrived

June 21 /13

The new promo for our upcoming album "The Deep Ending" can be seen here

June 15/13



Yes Kids!

We are playing a few shows at the end of the month. Really excited to get back on stage, it has been way too long. We will be debuting quite a few brand new songs from our upcoming album "The Deep Ending" due out October 2/13. Thanks for the unwavering support and look forward to seeing you all at the shows....

June 1 /13

I honestly can't believe we've done the chunk of the recording for the new album...seems surreal. I've never written an album this way before and it has been a glorious, wonderous, strengthening experience. Being a concept album, many different muscles were at play and I can't recall a time where I ever wrote songs in a bumble before recording them...we've always managed to test most of them live first, but this time was different. I've been hearing rough board mixes of songs and its sounds overwhelmingly in-the-pocket without finessing a thing. I have a pile of other creatives on my plate this summer as we mix the album and prepare for a big celbration blowout in October. I really can't wait for everyone to hear it. Tits up to Summer!!!! more anon..... xxxx

Feb 23 /13

Sooooooooooo much on the go I think I might implode and explode all at once. The Kellygirls have started reheasing material for the new album! I'm absolutely loving every second of it! Probably my favourite part of the whole process is hearing the songs come to life. Received news recently that CCA is behind this new project! Very honoured. Follow the Kellygirls on FACEBOOK to get weekly tidbits leading up to the album release. More to come...... xxxx

Oct 4 /12

October being a month dedicated to the awareness of bullying, I thought I'd put this song out there. Here, the song Bully is Kelly and the Kellygirls at their jazziest, from the 2009 album 'Modernism'. Quite a bit of my youth was spent being taunted, teased and for a few years, beaten rather badly, by kids at school. I still find it hard to reconcile what those experiences have done to me as a person, and currently am trying to wade through the debris, searching for a better place in my life today. Bullying can happen at all stages of life. I see 'grown ups' pluck the soul out of each other daily. I'm proud of people who have the courage to stand up to others who are vengeful, I didn't have the tools to do it. I'm trying to get better at that now.

Sept 21 /12

June 29 /12

The 10x10 Opening last night was amazing!!! I love Pride in Toronto... such a joyous energy. The show is up until July 20th. A lovely article here with details. The Kellygirls are performing Sat June 3oth on the South Stage for PRIDE at 4PM. Its going to be 40 degess apparently!!! Come And Sweat!

June 12 /12

This Friday, June 15th, The Kellygirls celebrate the release of their new EP 'Club des Femmes' in their home town of Toronto during the world renown NxNe music Fest. The Elmocambo, Upstairs, 11pm Sharp!!! iTunes Library is updated and avail...

May 28 /12


May 24 /12

The new song is here!!! Its called "Nightsweats". Hope you love it. xxxx PLAY ME

May 3 /12

Tonight marks the opening of Wish You Were Here. Sandy Middleton has done a brilliant job at bringing 4 artists together for this beautiful group show. It is the first time I've been part of Contact ! I have 2 new pieces in the show, one dedicated to my grandmother, Marg Hampton, and the other for/about/in memory of Dean Kish. The show runs through the end of May.

April 26 /12

The first of the Butch/Femme Club Tour shows are up!!! More to come...

HALIFAX, NS Saturday May 5/12 Fred, launch party for Gay Guide Hailfax

NIAGARA, ON Saturday June 9/12 Pride In The Park

DURHAM, ON Sunday June 10/12 Pride

TORONTO, ON Friday June 15/12 NxNE, The Elmo, 11pm, Club des Femmes launch

TORONTO, ON Saturday June 30/12 Pride, South Stage, 4pm

LONDON, ON Saturday July 28/12 Pride

SAULT STE MARIE, ON Saturday Aug 11/12 Buskerfest

WINDSOR, ON Sunday Aug 12/12 Pride

REGINA, SK Wednesday Aug 15 /12 Artesian on 13th

CALGARY, AB Thursday Aug 16/12 The Palomino

EDMONTON, AB Friday Aug 17 /12 The Brixx

SASKATOON, SK Saturday Aug 18/12 Lydia's

March 3 /12

Kelly and the Kellygirls will be releasing a new EP on May 28th, 2012 called "Club des Femmes". The band will be touring across Canada this summer in support of the new work. Kelly also has new photographs in 2 upcoming group shows. Join the mailing list or the Facecrack group for all the updates and news. More anon.....

June 27 /11

An incredible spring it has been! The launch for Kelly and the Kellygirls MMX was atomic to say the least. The response to the live album/dvd has been very encouraging, couldn't be more proud of it. The video for Toxic has been getting some great play out in the ether there and if you're interested in buying a copy of any Kellygirls albums, please visit the shop. Yesh and I have begun writing new songs. Very different approach I'm taking and I'm really excited about it.

The Top 30 exhibit was a real rush and thrill. The gallery has been updated not only with the Top 30 exhibit, but also will better resolution images from my past shows, so go have a look. A few pieces are still for sale, drop a line here if interested in a viewing. I'm getting the itch to start shooting something new very soon...

The incredible reviews of both projects can be read here.

Feb 18/11

R.Kelly Clipperton takes on Spring ‘11 with a new Kellygirls live album: MMX, a photo exhibit: TOP 30 and an exciting new music project: MANifesto


mmxApril 14th marks the release of the live DVD and Album from Kelly and the Kellygirls entitled MMX.  The band will be taking the stage at The Garrison that evening to celebrate this illustrious occasion, dusting off some golden favourites, and ripping through some new including the recent reggae re-working of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.

The DVD (available for sale starting March 30th) includes the full hour long performance filmed at Dundas Square last summer, as well as the 2007 ½ hour documentary Kelly doesn’t play Well with Others… and lastly 9 music videos, including the ground-breaking “Catherine Deneuve and the Deus Ex Machina” and the politically charged all-star “Better Times”, each re-mastered in full glory.

The Album (available for download only) will be available on iTunes and other similar sites on April 12th.

KELLY AND THE KELLYGIRLS LIVE, Thursday April 14th 2011, doors 8PM
The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St West @ Ossignton

TOP 30

adaptordieApril 28th’s opening reception reveals Kelly’s newest solo exhibit of photographs: Top 30.  Pentimento Gallery will be host to the 30 pieces from April 28th  to May 22nd .

The new series features Kelly’s hypersexual surreal portraits on Plexiglas.  He has taken 30 album titles (some famous, some not so) and shot images based on what those titles bring to mind (Adapt or Die at left).

TOP 30, Running April 28th -May 22nd 2011, Pentimento Gallery,1164 Queen St. East @ Jones


…and though it is too early to reveal any specifics, an exciting new ‘ManBand’ music project is brewing that will hopefully expose itself (figuratively of course) in the early summer.  Super campy and tons of fun.  Details to come.

Aug 23/10

the video for "Better Times" is out and streaming in the player

May 25/10

Morning Kids!

Nothing starts my day better than the nice lady on the radio saying it'll be a high of 30. Hogtown is on fire!

In a few weeks KELLY AND THE KELLYGIRLS will be making an appearance at Luminato, on Sunday June 13th, 7PM in Dundas Square. We're filming and recording this rather spectacular effort for an upcoming live release, so do come and be part of the joy. We'll be doing songs from all 3 Kellygirls albums plus some fun new choices to fit in with the theme at Dundas Square: Light On Your Feet: Queer Divas (I have no idea why they asked me to be part of this... ;)

Yesh will be bringing the love on guitaro, Jerry's back in the fold on drums, supermodel Sam on the bass guitar, beautiful Lester and Gillian singing with me and the foxiest all-girl horn section in full bloom: Alison, Marie and Jill-Stella. The brilliant Kitty Neptune will be orchestrating her dance troops to heighten the drama, along with projections designed by ReactivPictures.

Sadly they canned my exploding pink confetti (just sayin I was goin all out for ya)

Its going to be a very unique presentation and do hope you all can make it out. Its free and a family event (again, not sure why they asked me....)

To a gorgeous summer....



March 5/10

R.KELLY CLIPPERTON "Order Will Keep You Calm"
new photos 2010

R.Kelly Clipperton's first series of new work in almost 5 years, coincides with the
much anticipated opening of Paul Boehmer's new resto Böhmer. 10 new large
format images, mounted on plexiglas, sheet metal and wood, deal with the
artist's need for order. They are now viewable in the gallery.

Opening Reception:
Thursday March 11, 2010. 5-8PM
Böhmer, 95 Ossington Ave., Toronto

January 9/10

hello cherubs

felice anno nuovo!!!
MMX... 2010, wow. lets not do those last 10 over again.
didn't think it was that bad, but it certainly wasn't one of the more sparkly decades.
i think it'll be remembered most for what i like to call 'whore hair', weaves and tracks all over the place. tired. shave it!!!! if you can't grow it yourself, too f'in bad. the 'teens are gonna be foxy, quite sure of it. (especially without all the fake hair)
...moving along...

so a few months back i was commissioned by rachel monckton and denis huneault-joffre to record a version of "que sera sera". so yesh, alison and i hit the studio with brad nelson to channel doris d. the results are up in the music player on the site.
lovely, just lovely. we like to call it the vodka cran version ;)

i've also been asked by the powers around the exciting new Ossington St. resto Böhmer, to show some of my new photographic work. it'll be my first show in almost 5 years and will include 10 new prints, larger format than anything i've done before, and printed on the likes of sheet metal, wood and plexi. uber sexy. the series is titled 'order will keep you calm' and images will be on my site once the official opening happens (a soft opening is in the works for feb 1 but keep checking their site for details.)

sam tweedle of, dropped me a line recently to say that Kelly & the Kellygirls album "Modernism" was one of his favorites of 2009, so much so it made his year end 'best of' list. gorgeous honour... obviously he's no fool.

and lastly i'd like to publicly acknowledge (officially, let's say) the support of Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and Canadian Council for the Arts for making 2009 a record one for me. just sayin...

shake off the cobwebs ..
let's go!


October 27/09

Hello Campers.

R. Kelly Oscar Virginia Freddie the-bloody-king-of-pain Clipperton here to announce the release of a lovely new clip for the song "Tarantino", just in time for the High Holidays of Hallowe'en, Dia de Los Muertos or Samhain as some of the Pagans like to get on about.

The album "Modernism" has been receiving some brilliant rotation across the country courtesy of our friends in College Radio. Keep phoning it in and encouraging the spins.

The site has been updated a touch. New photos have been added to the Scrapbook and a few shots from this summer's Post-Modern Tour de Force are in the slide show on the Tours page.

Enjoy the video (which features a new mix of the song), have a gorgeous and crisp Hallowe'en full of fright and creativity and always remember that it's not just for breakfast anymore. And three more....and two.....

August 15/09

It is hard to believe this year and a half journey has come to a close.  So fast and yet a massive chapter all at once.  The writing of the new album, the recording, mixing and mastering of it.  The planning and promoting of the tour, orchestrating the reality of it, and now its all history.  The Post-Modern Tour de Force was brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  Amazing shows all across Canada seeing old friends and new fans and tearing it up everywhere we went.  I need to extend massive thanks to a lot of people for making it happen: to the Kellygirls: Yeshua, Zack, Nestor, Alison, Marie and Jill Stella...I thank you for your dedication, hard work and musical brilliance.  To Jill Allen for helping me keep it all together (don't know why I didn't think of it sooner). 

To so many bookers and Promoters who really took to task the challenge of informing the masses that this rather unique entity was coming to town, especially: Jake Kennedy of The Alternator in Kelowna, SandE and Pete of MasQ, Dee Geez in Montreal, Troy Morehouse, Dahn Mirabelli, Lil Milanovich, Sheila and Mama in Thunder Bay, Marlon and all at The GLCR, Terry England of New City, Spencer and Fred at The Palomino, and Stephen Alexander of Loplops.

Kudos to all those who showed us great hospitality, fed us and helped spread the word: Dan and Danielle, Sarah and Derek at Boom!, Kasey, Erin, Ariel and Eilis, Marlo & Rae, and Rachel in Vancouver.

Heartfelt unity to all the Pride events we played and to all the amazing artist we shared the stage with: The Garter Girls, Capital City Burlesque, Mad June, Uber Wench, and especially The Wet Spots of Vancouver (it's been way too long).

Lastly, an extension across the ocean to all our friends and fans abroad, we sadly won't be seeing you this summer. Beyond my control.  Much love to Sarah and Michaela at Basement Films UK for being on my side and losing sleep to try to make it work.  Red Tape never seemed so impenetrable.  Humble thanks to The Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council and The Canadian Council for the Arts, all of whom got behind me on this piece of work.  I am forever changed with your acknowledgments. 

Jill Stella coined the rather brilliant phrase 'True Fact' while crossing the country, and here are just a few such tidbits of wisdom:

True Fact:  The Police Force in Saskatoon are retired Supermodels.
True Fact:  To be clear, in "Big Heart/Big Tears" I say Black Eye not Black Guy.
True Fact:  Fluffy dogs the size of small bears will eat your cat.
True Fact:  The shortest distance between two points is NOWHERE to be found in Canada.
True Fact:  RV now stands for Rock Van.
True Fact:  A month in said RV with 7 others will have you speaking like the cast of Fargo.
True Fact:  My Gay-dar is broken.
True Fact:  Yes, I was wearing underwear.
True Fact:  Subway Sandwiches will be the death of us.
True Fact:  Hope you never have to go onstage after Kelly and the Kellygirls.  You will fail ;)

'Til next time my friends, continue to enjoy the album Modernism and we'll see you on the flipside.

Kelly (August '09)

July 24/09

Some glorious new pieces of press and the full West Coast Tour schedule are up.

July 19/09

God I'm lousy at this updating thing! So sorry my friends. Much to report: East Coast Leg of the Post-Modern Tour de Force went brilliantly well. Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting but special kudos to our appreciators in Halifax and Montreal for turly taking it over the top. The love was main-lined... Our last show of the East Coast leg is tonight in Guelph at Club Vinyl then next week we hit the West Coast. Check under the TOUR DATES for full details. The band laid down 6 tracks a few weeks back for the SPIRITsessions. you can hear them here: SPIRITsessions

May 21/09

A first look! .... Xtra! Magazine

May 19/09


April 20/09

Tix go on sale TODAY for Kelly and the Kellygirls album launch party for "modernism" on May 28/09 at 8PM. Advance tix can be purchased here: ticketweb

March 27/09

There are 4 NEW SONGS from the album 'Modernism' in the player.

March 20/09

Welcome to the new site!!! I've been negligent in my postings, so sorry babes...had many things to juggle and writing out into the 'ether' didn't seem a priority. Thank you soooooooo much to Sarah at avocado communications for all her hard work in freshening up the site.

There are many new features here so take a look around and entertain yourself. The release of the new album is official: May 19/09 worldwide through the interwebs. The Toronto launch party is confirmed for May 28/09 at Revival. An early show at 8PM. Its gonna blow the roof off kids. More soon...

August 18/08

Oft times I've heard the tort "what the hell is going on?"... signaling my inability to communicate. So, I thought I'd thank everyone for their gracious notes of love, so soft and tender, regarding my back.

I've a herniated disc from an injury 10 years back while I was a homecare worker. I've been pretty much pain-free for the last 6 years but sadly, through no great gesture, re-injured the area and was in a debilitating amount of pain. I couldn't walk for about 6 days and had to cancel a few Kelly and the Kellygirls shows, but am slowly doing much better now.

A herniated disc involves a rip of the casing around the cartilage between my L3 and L4. The swelling becomes so great that it presses against the spinal cord and, in a protective measure to reduce further damage, ones body becomes temporarily paralyzed.

Dr. Kam Toor and Dr. Mark Enzinas at Balance Integrated Health truly saved my life this time. Dr. Mark proceeded with aggressive acupuncture and suggested we try Cupping on the injured areas to see if it would help with healing . It did. I was shaped like an "S" for a few weeks, but with the help of a brace, which i wore on stage through our tour in the Prairies, am standing much straighter.

The Kellygirls have one last show in Ottawa on August 24th and hopefully a very exciting, yet unconfirmed, show in Toronto in September, then I'm into the studio with the band to begin work on the 3rd album which will be out in the early part of 2009.

Again, thank you to everyone for their thoughtful notes and wishes.

Much Regard, Kelly

May 24/08

Thank Christ Summer is here!

I feel like I’ve been frozen in a Tundra for 8 months (those in Hogtown and surrounding areas will know to what I am referring …)

So listen kids, this summer marks the 5th anniversary of Kelly and the Kellygirls (I’m just as shocked as you)

In the Spring of 2003 I called on 4 friends: Amer, Jerry, Michael J, and Jennifer to help me start up this new idea I had. Shane joined the fold shortly thereafter and the band made its auspicious debut at Tallulah’s Cabaret in Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, May 13, 2003.

Just for the heck of it I thought a 12 PACK Canadian Summer Tour would be a lovely way to celebrate (I know a 2-4 would have made more sense…)

We’ll be hitting as many corners of this massive country as possible. Some dates are still being confirmed, but the first three in June are listed here. We will be returning to The Prairies and to Quebec as well as numerous ventures around Ontario. There was much speculation that we’d be hitting Vancouver this summer but sadly all the stars didn’t align for that. Thank you to everyone on the west coast for rallying and I promise we’ll be out there soon.

JUNE 1/08 TRI-PRIDE (in Kitchener)

We have a bunch of new songs to debut this summer and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you hear them. I could spit! I’ll be hitting the studio with the band in the fall and the new Kellygirls album will rear its glorious head in the Spring of ’09, followed by a big-ass tour.

And by the way, I figured a 6 piece band wasn’t nearly enough work for me, so I’ve decided to make us a 7 piece! Thrilling!

So on behalf of Brian, Yeshua, Nestor, Diana, Alison and Zack, I wish you all a sexy sweaty summer and look forward to seeing you out. Thank you, as always, for the on-going support.

Live it Up!

xxx Kelly

March 4/08

Internationally respected photographer Gozra is opening his new exhibit in London UK tonight, March 4th. Terribly sad i can't be there. I had the great pleasure of sitting for him while we were on tour in October. I'll be up on the wall amongst Marc Almond, Pete Burns and Siobhan Fahey. Damn good company.

Nov 4/07

I really can't get into this 'blog' thing obviously...evidence shown by the gap betwixt my postings. I have come to understand from more 'established' artists and visible persons that it is a way to communicate openly without censorship or a middle man skewing the message...but frankly I still see it as a pile of self important rhetoric. Not to say that some haven't utilized the medium for education and the better of society but honestly we're not all going to agree with each other's views and mandates...EVER...and just because there's a pulpit in front of you doesn't mean you should preach....what happened to keeping a diary?? We’ve certainly elevated (I jest) to a point where everyone thinks that what they have to say is newsworthy and worth listening to….I digress....

Well folks I do think I’m done with touring for a while, as bittersweet as it seems frankly, I’m just not up to more of it at the moment. Taking some time for serious reflection and perspective. The encouraging words from folks around the world to ‘not give up’ have meant an awful lot and I somehow doubt I'll be disappearing (I’m certainly the type that needs an audience ;), but I do need a break…

I'd like to send a heartfelt thanks to a whole lot of people who've made the last six months come together and who've inspired and encouraged me::: Firstly Yeshua, La-Nai, Nestor, Zack and Brian whose professionalism and talent have made being on stage an effortless joy. To Sarah and Michaela of Basement Flims....words cannot express so i shant try. Thanks also to Gozra, Miss Fountain, Extravagatron, New City Compound, Alex, Pride events from Saskatoon to Toronto to Ottawa to London UK and beyond. Big love to Mr. Di Fonzo and to Dee, Onyx, Bert, Dorota, Tracy and Jill who've always been by my side and in my court. My deepest affections to you all.

Pix and info from the last few tours are slowly collecting under the 'live' tab....enjoy the fall or autumn or whatever you choose to call it. Difference in opinion is what makes us unique and the world would be a bit of a bore if we all

And have a look at the new video for Ferris Wheel

Much Love and Respect, Kelly

July 17/07

Hey Kids! Decompression is finally complete and i feel i can breathe a bit better now. Before I forget I'd like to extend a massive thank you full of love to Basement Films UK and New City Compound Edmonton for making the summer tour happen! I'm humbled that these wonderful people have invested time and energy (let alone funds...) into my work. I'd also like to extend a massive Gracias to everyone from Saskatoon CAN to Leeds UK who made the effort to come out and see us live (not to mention the reported 10 000 peeps at London UK Pride). The shows have been brilliant and guess what kids...I actually enjoyed myself this time!!!! Go figure. We've a few Ontario dates through the rest of the summer (info under the LIVE tag) and there are rumblings of us returning to the UK in the Fall (or Autumn as they kept correcting me of). no eggs in any basket of any kind but its all very exciting right now. The girls at Basement Films are working on a video that we shot in Brighton UK for the song Ferris Wheel as well as a full documentary on our adventures across the Atlantic...all too fun..

Much Love and Respect, Kelly..

May 20/07

New Live Dates!!!!!...are finally being posted. very excited to get back in (on?) the saddle.

Also >>> computer explosion leeds Kelly through weeks of grief. Rebuilding a rather extensive data base from scratch, so please drop a line here through the site so i can keep ya'll abreast.

March 30/07

a live performance of Carbonated Liplock is now streaming. was shot in Quebec City at L'Arlequin on the Deus ex Machina tour of Love and Duty 2006. i also have a new photo in Gallery X's group show called The Pink Bunny Show running April 10th to May 4th, 2007. 491 church St, second floor.

March 13/07

Kelly makes a cameo in the adorable Sweet Homewreckers video Wild America directed by Alon Isocianu

Jan 26/07

I filmed a mocu/documentary last summer with a glorious ensemble of hilarious individuals for NOW Magazine's 25th anniversary. the trailer can be seen here. a distinct group of A-list visibles got together to watch the premier a few weeks back and i'm thrilled to report its a Hoot and a Pee. You & Media plan a full release soon. deets to come.

Jan 23/07

R.I.P. Stefan Deuce. May the witches and vampires protect you forever. I miss you.

Jan 13/07

i'm blushing with unworthyness...i don't think i've ever made anyone's 'best of the year' list...Shaun Proulx of GGT's can be read here.

Jan 4/07

So, Happy New Year...All the best....Good Ridence....blah, blah, blah.... I'm quite excited to have 2007 in front of me like a clean slate. Many things I want to tackle this year, some of which may come as a suprise....even to me. Joe and I ceremoniously clean house at the beginning of every year and get rid of crap that is building up around our ankles. I couldn't believe what i came across in a bundle of posters....below is a detail from Pride 1996 official glossy poster with a line-up of entertainment that reads like a who's who of the day. Got me all damn nostalgic feelin (which i hate!!!) I remember my first band My Dear Heretic being asked to play Pride that year and thinking I was on the way to 'Making It' how perspectives change.There was only one stage (quite big though, like the one they still have in that location) so all styles of music were on the one stage and according to the map (I have a vague recollection of this) the beer garden was across Wood St. I think the President changed the following year and he, for the first time, introduced more than one stage which developed into Pride as we know it. The Committee's email and website are at the bottom and were quite advanced for the day (most were a trillion characters long). I digress....

I've got word from around that the Catherine Deneuve video has been featured on MuchMusic at least half a dozen times which is incredible. Please keep pestering them. I truly appreciate all the support!!!! Much success to all for the Nude Year.


the Catherine Deneuve video is done!

Nov 23 / 06

East and West Coast tour blogs... "K&KG were... gyrating, sweaty, sexuality-questioning, and awesome."
just one star
suesy bluesy


Sept 18/ 06

sincere apologies to Hamilton fans who showed up to the gig tonight only to find the venue closed due to tech problems...i'll make it up t'y'all. massive sexiness goes out to our kidz in Ottawa and (especially) Peterborough who tore the roof off as we ripped the joints a new one. words can not express really. Looking forward to HPX and the east coast. full details will be on the live page by months end. The new album is charting nicely (#7 in Burnaby! wooohooo!) and we're in pre-production for a new video for Catherine Deneuve.... it'll be a hoot. XXX K

Aug 13/ 06

new fall tour dates have been posted under the LIVE link. look forward to seeing all your faces in our travels! kelly and the kellygirls are finally developing a presence on iTunes. hip hip...

the Napoleon video is done!

May 30/ 06

the launch was a brilliant experience. thank you to everyone who took the time to come out...i appreciate each and every one. big kudos to sunshine state and ratsicule for opening the show with such talent, flare and pizzazzz! to joe for holding down the fort and michael, bert, kate, jill, dorota and x-tina for giving a hand. the Ts were a huge success so i'll be gettin more of those in the shop asap. the album is available for purchase in the shop (with paypal) and will soon be on amazon and iTunes. we'll be spending the summer working on our tans and prepping to hit the road in the fall. much love to all! xxxK

April 27/ 06

advance tickets for the album launch party go on sale may 1st at ticketmaster's online affiliate ticketweb. tickets are $10 in advance (you must buy them by may 17th to have them mailed) or $15 at the door. both ticket prices include a copy of the new album.

March 13/ 06

the mix of the album sounds so amazing i can't wait for everyone to hear it! the launch date is confirmed for may 27/06 at the elmo so please do keep the date open...would be amazing to celebrate with y'all. took the train to and fro Montreal yesterday to do a fun fundraising gig for concordia queer union and i must say that travelling first class is down right civilized. shane was in charge of saving us if we derailed as he was by the escape window in both directions...naturally, we rested assured. he also soaked his underwear and proceeded to remove them on said trip due to the fact that he was 'really hot'. 4 triple ceasars each by 3pm and everyone else on the train was wishing they'd walked. it was our first show with the lovely Mark Jarvis on trumpet and the man smoked it. very exciting to have him on board but i know the boy is questioning what the hell he got himself into. thank you so much to Joeanne at VIA for the gracious assistance and the peeps of montreal for welcoming us. more soon.


Feb 27/ 06

mixing is going brilliantly and as promised a version of Naopleon (as well as another yet undecided track) will be available for streaming and downloading within the week. the whole project is coming together beautifully. i'm excited and thing i've ever done...quite sure of it. i'll also have advance copies of the single for sale at the shows coming up in March and April. always be yourself -- k

FRIDAY THE 13TH, Jan 2006

so thrilled all the festive crap is over with! hopefully everyone got their stocking stuffed good and has nothing but optimism on the boards for '06. here's what...much to report:

  1. kelly and the kellygirls are heading into the studio in 10 days to begin work on a new album tentatively titled "We love You, but not as Much as We love Ourselves" due out early summer. I'm thrilled and lucky to have Rob Sanzo and Brad 'Merlin' Nelson on board with me at the the controls. the kellygirls have been brilliant, working with me on the new material for the record, which will include some very new songs, as well as recent live favorites Napoleon and Catherine Deneuve and the deus ex Machina.
  2. we'll be touring Ontario and Quebec in March and April pushing the Napoleon single. the dates are shaping up nicely and are being posted under the live section as they confirm.
  3. speaking of live, we're playing 2 fuuuun shows at the end of the month before hibernating for February.

    fri jan 27/06
    the underground, York University,NORTH YORK
    York's monthly Queer event...hopefully i won't scare the asses off them (i believe its free)
    sat jan 28/06
    the gladstone hotel, TORONTO

    S.M.U.T. magazine's Crass Cabaret, $8, tons going on with other bands and performers, 'raffle lap dances' and such....
  4. and yes, i cut my hair, so enough with the Dee Snider nonsense.

happy nude year.

-- k

Dec 5 /05

Oh, I'll miss the Damzels. I never got over when Eurythmics split, Courtney's last record, the price of lattés, and i too, will not get over the end of Damzels In This Dress. what a frickin party though! does anyone remember much of anything??? if so, please advise. in modern form here's a recap of the night. no one sends cards anymore, they just put shit on the net. case. point.....the video for 'tonight' is done and is streaming in the media>video section. manic pace.... just like me. love it! we start recording late january with goth daddy Sanzo and mixing with Merlin in the late winter...more soon. winter sucks.

--- k

Nov 6 /05

Christ it's been forever!!! i feel like i haven't written since the '80s.

a) i can't believe that this year is coming to a close...what bullshit!!! the foul presentation of xmas decor only moments after the glorious skulls, cobwebs and pumpkins retire is claims for abuse. i spin faster than sybil can collect her identities after sighting that nonsense. ho ho ho.

b)...maybe there was only an a) ... anyway we've had quite a bit of fun heading out of town to see the familiar faces that continually support moi and les filles in the picturesque cities in ontario and quebec...hats off to a foolishly annihilated show/crowd at the phog on my birthday and our recent appearance at foxhole for hallowe'en restored my faith in some ways...much thanks to the enthusiastic goblins and the stupid frickin ice machine that not only dried me out like a part time hooker but also set off the fire alarm! i had some amazing friends (kudos to gwen, sean and eli) at foxhole documenting the event and i'll have a video ready before the years out. i'm working away, plotting the approach of the new album which will be a ton of fun to make...i can't wait! hope to have it out mid next year...and it will be sexy, most definitely...and dark...absolutely. 'til then i'll be lying low on the performing front, doing special appearances hither and dither (like the Damzels funeral at the end of the month), and working on my next photo exhibit which is bubbling up feverishly now due to the great great great reception of Hogtown Hedonism. i'm out of breath...

keep well and keep touched...
muchos --- k

Aug 23/05

Hogtown Hedonism is going so well that the glorious people at the Gladstone have decided to extend it. the exhibit will now be on the walls through to sept 6/05

gladstone hotel, 1214 queen st west


Aug 2 /05

things are flying high for the hogtown hedonism exhibit. several cool pieces of press coming out in the next few weeks. the images are now up under gallery>photos. do hope to see you all out at the launch:::

Thursday Aug 11/05, gladstone hotel, 1214 queen st west, reception 7-9pm, post party with the kellygirls, saviour plague, gavin bradley, dj sheila chevailer, dj shane and a few suprises, no cover .


July 10/05

well all the shows revolving around pride this year were quite the experience and held at a feverish pace that i could certainly get used to. the crowning moment was seeing all the smilin, dancin, somewhat nude people at the alexander park on pride day. as jen put it::: the show was completely atomic. so much fun. everytime something doesn't quite work out the way i planned, i remember days like that and it reminds me why i do what i do. so, jen, along with the boys::: jerry, amer, michael and shane are being very patient, honest, diligent and thoughtful with their talents while working with me on new songs. i'm getting very excited about what the next album will sound like. we're doing some more shows this summer then there's my photo exhibit::: hogtown hedonism which i'm anticipating and panicing about all at once. more soon. keep touched.


May 22/05

the QCCC show at the elmo was amazingly fun. thank you to everyone who got their ass out (especially with all the 'exciting tv shows' that were on that night). the crowd was freakin hot and sexy, and on stage::: hunter valentine blew my mind, rags to bitches blew the windows out (cool to share a stage with cath again), the wet spots had everyone smiling and questioning the vanillaness of their sexual practices and random order (in top top top form) had the babies dancing... i of course, along with the kellygirls, was brilliant...

happy birthday to the dead queen.


May 4/05

so it's may...and the weather is still biting my ass. rivers of dog feces being washed away by the pile o' rain that has followed the heaps o' crappy snow that froze the damn dog shit in the first place. glorious! gimme more!! anyway, the kelly show live experience is down for now...a great ride with several offers to go 'tv', none of which made sense to me at this juncture. the summer is going to be a great time, keepin it local in a cozy kind of way this year, and i'm excited to say that i've convinced the kellygirls (through liquor mostly) that we should hit the studio and start demoing new material for the next record. very exciting if not somewhat pivotal. there's was cool feature story on moi et les filles on nearly naked news recently which will be airing again on OutTV sometime soon. keep an eye peeeeled. hope EVERYONE can join us on the 19th at the Elmo. its going to be a blast of a night with Hunter Valentine, Rags To Bitches, Random Order and (recently added) The Wet Spots, who are my current guilty'll change your life.

keep the shiny side up.


April 6/05

moi and les filles kelly have recently received a generous grant from the lesbian and gay community appeal . send them love and patronage. the kelly show live has been such a blast i've been convinced to do 1 more before the summer sweeps me away to patio (albeit smoke-flippin-free) heaven. i'll keep you all posted on the may installment. check the live page often as the summer is lookin' busy.


Feb 13/05

Hey mates! The year has 'got off' to a blazing start with speddBALL, steam whistle indie club at edge 102.1 and the pilot of Kelly Show Live. Many pieces of glorious press have been added under the info section and the video for noise is almost done. We're booting around southern Ontario in the coming weeks so please 'come out' and support and cheer. It's always amazing to see all your glorious faces. more soon.


Dec 16/04

TV TV TV. Well, we're down for a few weeks to hang with friends and catch up with family. I thought we'd leave the stressful xmas and new years shows to someone else. 2 songs from 'swing swing' have been optioned by CBC show The Surreal Gormet for use this season. big fun. and just the other night, Amer (he likes to be referred to as 'the' Amer now btw) caught two caracters on Train 48 talking about how much they loved the Kelly & the Kellygirls show at the Mod club the day before! wacky. and last note on the tv vibe is that i'm in the throws of creating a 'live tv talk show' which we'll be having up on it's feet early next year. it will be hilarious.i promise. here's hoping your stocking gets stuffed real good this festive season. safe and happy non-denominational holiday everybody! cum join us at The Drake on Jan 5 to get the new year (2005?!?!?! christ!!!) movin in the right direction...(details on the live page)

always be yourself.

Oct 15/04

'swing swing' broke the top 20 on CKMS waterloo this week! swank. thanks Selene!

Sept 26/04

wow! Wow!! WOW!!! it's official now I guess::: 'swing swing' has been given its birthday! the launch party was an absolute thrill for me and the k-girls. thank you to everyone for their unbelievable support…without all of you guys out there, I'm nothing. I never take the attendance at shows and the interest in the album for granted. never. huge thanks to Gavin Bradley and Dean for amazing sets. sexy kudos to Yeshua and Trixie for joining us on stage and the glorious Disco Dee for holding the night together. biggest hugs to Kate and Joe for helping me out with all the fine details…couldn't have done it without you two. can't wait shake it for you all again soon.

deepest affection

Aug 26/04

the launch party is coming along!!!! can't wait to see you all there. the video for take care of me is up and running in the media>video section. exciting news:'swing swing' has debuted at #17 on saskatoon radio station cfcr request! request! demand!!! request!!!!


Aug 9/04

one of the busier summers in some time i'd say. much experienced. much learned. much tired. A big smooch across the continent to all the cities that welcomed us but I'd have to say that san diego does it up right, hands down. kudos to the new fans who bought the record and enjoyed the shows, the cool bands (san fran's b-cups made us most welcome) who let us borrow their gear and told us where to eat and to the promoters who treated us with respect (few and far between, but I'm attempting a positive spin in MMIV). thank you big style to susan and carlos for getting us through while jerry was recovering from a fractured arm; cruiseline, frank and jf for helpin it come together.... and thank you to myself for not pulling a linda blair even once!

so much happening in the near future::: THE ALBUM LAUNCH for swing swing being 'the' party of the late summer (early fall, again, positive spin) SEPT 24/04 AT THE ELMO. details on the live page as they develop. I'll be building a new page featuring which college radio stations are spinning the album and where you can request tracks. For now know that the CBC is in full support of the album and copies are distributed nation wide so contact your fave show and request! request! demand! request! as well, 92.5 the x in kamloops has it in medium rotation!!!

much more soon....


June 1/04

the album is out.
the summer is busy.
the site has a new look.
and ya can't flippin smoke anywhere anymore!!!!!!!


Feb 25/04

kelly & the kellygirls debut album 'swing swing' drops may 25.
new live dates posted and many pride and summer festival events in the works. check back often for details.

Jan 1/04

I hope MMIV will be a banner year for everyone...2003 wasn't my fave but it did have some memorable moments, so let's recap shall we:

our top story: within the last year I experience a fire, an attempted murder, a drug bust and a flood in the building I've resided in for 10 years and decide it must be time to move on. form kelly & the kellygirls not expecting the fabulous places it would grow to.

a year of firsts: first solo gallery photo exhibit. first feature length film appearance. first time I've worn a dress on stage and not managed to look like a potato farmer. first time a photo of mine appeared as a cover of a major publication (montreal mirror in november). first time I've slid down a pole to make an entrance, and twisted my flippin knee in the process. first time I've moved in with a mate...and life couldn't be sweeter.

in other news: shane gets drenched in torrential mishap during the 4 songs we managed to get in at toronto pride before being rained out. I split my pants at the cameron, chip a tooth at the elmo, get caught in the middle of band brawl at the aforementioned event...very '88, get sun/beer stroke in ottawa and share the stage with teenhood idol maria del mar for pandora's box. notice that the kellygirls keep hiting the stage following draq queens and strippers, demand an inquiry. jerry (you can't afford me) pergolesi decides to barter with a band (who won't be mentioned) trying to buy us out for our spot at a club (that won't be mentioned) on a night that will definitely be forgotten. 18 shows since the kellygirls debuted in may and it's certainly a jeffersons moment....

always remember that:
kelly will make you smile and dance
the world sucks without live music
smoke-free bars are lame
and skateboarding is not a crime but it's fuckin annoying!

always be yourself

keep me in mind


October 7/03

so, sinead has retired, courtney's jailed again, the liberals are in by a landslide and I still can't commit to a long-distance carrier. can't count on anything these days! what next??? ann murray cosmetics? it's all falling apart kids. hallowe'en might just save us.

the tour's on hold for a bit but kelly and the kellygirls are hitting ottawa and montreal at the end of the month, and hosting a plethora of gigs locally (including a return to the bovine on the 25th). come have fun, spread your love, data base and bodily fluids. speaking of which, the SMUT launch was ridiculously amazing!! wicked crowd, great space, and a stage big enough for me and my 5 alter-egos to dance around on. the cameron show, shortly thereafter, was more fun than I thought it would be. hadn't been back there since '98. I was enjoying the set so much I split my pants. literally. good thing I wore gitch that night. it was a total david lee roth moment.

the greatest hits exhibit was truly a pivotal experience for me. amazingly successful. thank you to all my new 'patrons'. exciting, and a bit bizarre, to imagine my work being appreciated in homes across the city. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

and finally I'd like to extend my gratitude to all of you who have really supported me in this transitional time, coming to the shows (and those of you who've been at every show!!!), watching the project grow, and really embracing myself and all the kellygirls. the album is in the works, under the gun and ringing through scrutiny, and I promise to have it in your hot, sweaty hands early in the new year. It'll be worth the wait (weight).

always be yourself.

keep me in mind.

out. smack!


August 6/03


Busier than the Pope at Easter lately.

The Prides were amazing!! Thank you to everyone in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal who came out to play. The support was very much appreciated even though the weather was less than cooperative on several occasions!! Moi and the Kellygirls are planning an east coast tour in October; hope to be hitting your town..hell, invite us!! Hook us up babies!!! Check the "live" button as details develop.

I have my first ever solo photo exhibit happening at Gallery X (491 Church St, Suite 200) from September 8-October 3/03 called 'greatest hits'. I'm ridiculously excited about this!! The opening reception is Thursday September 18/03 from 6-8PM (it's free), come out and celebrate. The Kellygirls will be doing a short acoustic set while ya get tipsy and mingle (gallery etiquette not necessary).

For all of those that caught the 'Style VIP' show (and there were quite a few of you.who knew so many people had cable??!!), yes that was me acting generally panicked while pulling together the Damzels spring collection. For another hilarious moment pick up the DVD of 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days'. I shot a scene for it last summer, which never made the final cut (bastards), but is the first in the deleted scenes section. Turn on the commentary for additional gloating!

Lastly, a free download of a new song is available in the "media>music" section. 'Desperado (the spanish fly mix)' was cooked up in the musical kitchen of DJ PJ and is for you and yours to shimmy out the summer with!

Hope everyone's summer has been filled with patios, pools and good sex. Always be yourself. Celebrate your life. And be nice or leave. Keep me in mind.


April 20/03


Yes, it's true.

All the rumours are completely valid in their hisses and rumbles. Not a word of a lie...

Welcome to my site.

My opinions, my vision, my ideas...just the way i like it.

For now, my new band and myself will be working on an EP, hopefully ready in June, and playing several Pride events around the country.

Change is never easy and absolutely simple at once. As sad as it is to move on from things, I'm very excited about the future. Always be yourself, celebrate your life. Keep me in mind.


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